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Liner Notes

Arthur Mountaniol's Steampunk Extravaganza Trilogy (2019) is a conceptual   3 volume work created with the help of the modern guitar technology such as a looper, synthesizer and others. Each volume contains 5 songs and each song is based on one looped riff . The elaborate musical palette though was achieved by the ingenious polyphonic guitar layers and soundscapes recorded over or erased in real-time. 15 visionary songs full of innovative guitar sounds , extravagant vocal styles, melodies and harmonies were   captured on the old 8-track tape machine Tascam   Model 80. However, in the post-production, they were enhanced with the distinctive sound character of Abbey Road EMI TG12410 Transfer Console. . These songs have either a lo-fi or an ultra-modern   vibe or both, and their thematic range is like that of a strange retro-futuristic cinematic trip. 


- The Moon Pierrot Republic, Hollywood, CA

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