Recording Artist / Filmmaker

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SONGS: Olympus, Jailbird, Rutti-Frutti, Moon Right, Criminal One.

Recorded at White Noise Studio (Hamburg, Germany), and Music Studio (Moscow, Russia) in 1996 -1998. Mixed & mastered by Igor Klimenkov (The Moon Pierrot 1).

Liner Notes

5 Song Debut is Arthur Mountaniol's first U.S. solo EP. Recorded in Germany and Russia and released in America on the record label J-Bird Records in 1998. Full of energy, great guitar work, and powerful, piercing vocals, it offers an interesting amalgamation of hard rock with some elements of grunge, jazz, rockabilly, a bit of progressive rock, and a western ballad. These songs also have explicit lyrics with a touch of grotesque and symbolism.


The Moon Pierrot Republic, Hollywood, CA