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Third Eye of The Shaman - 2017 (USA),

25 min, Color / B&W, Spiritual Fantasy

By a mysterious turn of destiny, a boy steps into the sun and disappears. Now, awakened already as a shaman, he sends his soul on a journey to the sky, but it gets stalked by the demon. The spiritual battle between Good and Evil begins.

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In a Dream of a Muse - 2018 (USA),

13 min, Color / B&W,

Art House, Horror, Comedy

A musician is having a strange dream of his muse who turns out to be a monster who's actually having him trapped dreaming in her own dream. To escape from her dream, he must find his concertina.

L.A. Haunted - 2019 (USA), 15 min,

Color / B&W,

Art House, Horror, Comedy

A grotesque ghostly trip to the City of Fallen Angels.

Los Angeles like you've never seen before.

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