California Electric Guitar Galore.jpg

Liner Notes

California Electric Guitar Galore is not Arthur Mountaniol’s typical album. Firstly, it’s all instrumental. Secondly, he started composing this music still in the early 1980s. And finally, sound recording and

post-production have taken ten years to complete.


These instrumental pieces were mostly undeveloped and incomplete until 2012. Some of them were Mountaniol’s student works and just sketches. While the others were parts extracted from his other 

songs that he thought would make good stand-alone pieces in their own right. And finally,

some of them were in the repertoire of his former band The Moon Pierrot,

and now appear here as alternative versions.


The idea of putting it all together and making this album came to Arthur while he was performing

and selling his CD’s on the World Famous Boardwalk in Venice Beach, California in the early 2000s.

 And the vibe of that life eventually shaped the style and the sound of this music.

The recording itself though began only in 2012.


Romantic, beautiful and dreamy, with crystal clear guitar sounds, and creative soundscapes,

this album offers everything from Latino, smooth jazz to light rock though with some

progressive elements, and a retro feel. And of course, Arthur’s distinctive guitar style

and arrangements, as usual make it all sound quite elaborate yet easy-listening

and accessible for the mainstream folks.


This music is what summer fun is all about. It’s a perfect companion to take with you on your

summer vacation or a joyride!


- The Moon Pierrot Republic