Arthur Mountaniol is a progressive rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist. record producer and filmmaker who launched his solo career in Los Angeles in 1998. Originally from Moscow, Russia, he is the founder and the leader of the Russian progressive rock band "The Moon Pierrot" (1985-1992).


In USSR his music was way ahead of its time and wasn't well-received by the majority of people so his band broke up soon after it had its debut album released on the major label Melodia in 1991. A few months later he with his parents, having German ancestry, immigrated to Germany.


In 1996 in Hamburg, he recorded his first solo track in English "Criminal One” and was soon discovered by the US indie label Rodell Records that helped him come to Hollywood, CA. There he was elected to a full writer membership of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP). and signed another record deal with J-Bird Records.


Arthur Mountaniol is best-known for his diverse vocal styles, didgeridoo-like throat singing, virtuosic and innovative guitar work, visionary music, and unique short films. He’s a prolific recording artist who’s produced over 20 albums and several film soundtracks and officially released 12 LP’s and 2 EP’s in the US. He’s been honored by ASCAP Awards eight times in a row and received 6 awards and 18 nominations for his music videos and short films. He was also nominated for the best guitar player “Rockies 2005” by LA newspaper Rock City News.


In the US, Arthur has received many rave reviews from Music Connection Magazine that has proclaimed him as a bonafide original and "Mad Maestro". His music was aired on KLOS 95.5, and LA Music Awards mentioned his work as one of the most original and brave in Los Angeles at the time.


Arthur Mountaniol has his own US-based independent record label and publishing The Moon Pierrot Republic (ASCAP). He currently stays in Europe, sharing his time between Moscow (Russia) and Hamburg (Germany) where he's promoting his music to new audiences.

Official Discography

1991 - The Moon Pierrot - The Moon Pierrot 1, (LP) - Melodia (USSR)

1992 - The Moon Pierrot - Whispers & Shadows (LP) - 2013 The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

1994 - The Moon Pierrot - The Last Duet - String Records "Эти Парни с Гитарой" Compilation (Russia)

1997 - Arthur Mountaniol - Criminal One - Rodell Records "Sounds from the Underground" Compilation (USA)

1998 - Arthur Mountaniol - 5 Song Debut (EP) - J-Bird Records (USA)

2004 - Arthur Mountaniol - Shamania (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2005 - Arthur Mountaniol - Master of Ecstasy (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2008 - Arthur Mountaniol - Alien in LA (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2008 - Arthur Mountaniol - Tails of the Cloven Hoof (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2009 - Arthur Mountaniol - Ghost Show (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2011 - The Moon Pierrot - Moon Dream - Trail Records "Tripwave" Compilation (USA)

2013 - Arthur Mountaniol - Music of Hell (LP) -The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2014 - Arthur Mountaniol - Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2015 - The Moon Pierrot - Illusion (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2018 - Arthur Mountaniol - Steampunk Extravaganza Vol.1 (EP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2019 - Arthur Mountaniol - Steampunk Extravaganza Trilogy (Triple LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)

2021 - The Moon Pierrot - The Moon Pierrot 1 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition (LP) - The MPR (USA)

2022 - Arthur Mountaniol - California Electric Guitar Galore (LP) - The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA)